FREE WordPress Installation Service AND FREE Logo/Header/Banner Design!

FREE WordPress Installation Service AND FREE Logo/Header/Banner Design!

Yes, you read that right.  Absolutely FREE!  But wait, what’s the catch?  Ahh, the infamous “catch”.  Before we get into that, let me tell you why I’m offering this service in the first place.

Why Am I Offering This Service?

Selling A Service
So many people have great ideas but they have a tendency to not take action so it stays as just an idea.  I often hear, “I want to start this blog/website but…” and they let the “but” stop them almost every single time.

I hear how they don’t know where to start, they don’t have the time to commit or they lack the dedication.  Sometimes all of the above.  Once again, their idea stays as just an idea… but (this “but” will push you forward!) I’m trying to add some incentive to get you started because I want to help turn your idea into a reality.

Every Accomplishment starts with a decision to tryI figured if I can offer to get you started by setting up your blog for you and design your logo, header or banner, it’ll give you that nudge that you need.  Matter of fact, let me add some more incentives to get you started…

What I’m Offering With This Service

FREE Design of your Logo/Banner/Header – How often do people offer to design your logo, banner or header of your website (please choose one) for you for free?  Yes, you can pay someone to design one for you or make a simple one but why not take me up on this offer?

I’m sure I designed web banners, headers and logos for some of you in the past but in case you’re new here, feel free to check out some of my design work here.

Setting up your WordPress blog – Although, most hosting companies have an easy WordPress installation (including my hosting company, HostGator), some get nervous when it comes to anything technical that requires configuration of any sort because they don’t want to screw it up and end up with a headache.  Let me save you that headache and do it for you!

Guidance and Experience – I’ve been creating blogs and websites with WordPress for eight years now (wow, time really does fly!) so I can point you in the right direction on how to set up your site depending on what you’re looking for.

In addition, I can suggest and even install plugins to use, help you look for themes/templates specific for your niche and help you with the small details (such as which permalinks to use, setting up essentials such as Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, etc) that are actually very important.

Time – You know what they say, “time is money” and if I’m saving you time that can be used to focus on how you’re going to run your blog then isn’t that worth it just by itself?

An Online High Five? – If all of the above isn’t motivation enough, do it for the online high five that I’m going to give you!  Okay, realistically, no one is going to care for the online high five but that’s not going to stop me from giving it to every single one of you guys!

Soo… What’s The Catch?

The Catch

Now that you know why I’m offering this service and what comes with it, let’s get to the infamous “catch”.  Honestly, I’m not even sure how many people, if any, will take me up on this offer but below are the qualifications to narrow it down so I’m not taking on hundreds of people at once.

Be a Confirmed Email Subscriber – I hope you’re already an email subscriber so you’re half way there!  I would love to help as many people as I can but I’d like to think this service should be directed towards my email subscribers because it’s more of an incentive of signing up.  I know, I know… but I can tell you there’s going to be even more incentives coming soon for being an email subscriber!

I’m sure a bunch of you are subscribers via RSS Feeds but unfortunately, there’s no way I can confirm you’re a subscriber or not.  If you can convince me that the honor system works specifically for your case, then I may consider it.

… or you can just subscribe via email.  No pressure.  😉

Sign Up For Hosting Through My Referral Link at HostGator – You’re going to need to pay for hosting regardless and it’s as low as $4.86/month !  You’ll need to sign up for hosting regardless so why not get a bunch of incentives to help push you to get started on your blog or website?

Click here to get started and get 25% off using my promo code “DATMONEY25” (without quotes)!

The Process

Once you sign up through my referral link, simply send me an email (the one you’re subscribed to DatMoney with) with your OID (HostGator will provide that to you once you sign up) and let’s get you started on your brand new website/blog!

What are you waiting for?  Let’s get you started on your website/blog so you can turn your idea into reality!

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