Best Youtube Video Editing Software?

Best Youtube Video Editing Software? - As I continue on my slow and steady pace of creating Youtube videos to gain subscribers, views and make money (none of which I have done yet), I have finally narrowed down the video camera I’ll be using temporarily as well as the video editing software.

It has taken me quite a while because I had so many ideas and also I didn’t want to shell out a lot of money if I’m not going to fully invest my precious time into, you know?

Which Camera Did I Choose?

Honestly, I didn’t choose a video camera just yet but rather I’ll just continue using my current Flip Mino as a starter. I’m a completely noob when it comes to Youtube, video editing, etc so I figured I’d learn the ropes as I go because I’m a hands on type of person. I didn’t want to just go out and buy an expensive HD video camera if I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do as my main focus for the Youtube channel.

Here were my thoughts and ideas…

Ideas for Youtube Channel

I was putting a lot of thought into this and the end conclusion was the fact that I wanted to do something that’s comedic. A lot of you guys know me as a business type online entrepreneur but if you knew me in person you would think I’m a goofy guy that likes to make people laugh. I’m sure you guys would have no clue that I’m an online entrepreneur either. :P

Which HD Video Camera Should I Get For Youtube?

Which HD Video Camera Should I Get For Youtube? – So, as some of you guys know, I’ve been considering starting a Youtube channel for quite sometime now. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do just yet but I want it to be related to comedy (or some weird variation of it). Of course, since I’m looking to make my own videos, I’m going to need a good video camera to do so. Which one would you recommend?

Why Am I Starting a Youtube Channel?

There are quite a few reasons why I want to start a Youtube channel but the main reason is because it’s something I always wanted to do. But here’s some more details on why.

It’s On My Bucket List - Well, maybe not exactly on my “bucket list” but rather something I want to do in life so I can cross off the list of things I have done. My list is so random but it includes anything from the small things in life (like Jet-skiing, riding a motorcycle or playing a poker tournament in Las Vegas) to medium things such as making Youtube videos.

Just making Youtube videos isn’t the only thing, my goal before I cross it off my list is to make at least one video and have it viewed over a million times.

If I get good at it, I’m hoping I get lots of videos viewed millions of times.

Getting My Name Out There And Making People Laugh – I don’t really need to get my name out there and I’m actually not trying to brand myself but ever since I was a kid, I’ve been able to make people laugh and it’s definitely a good feeling. I’m just hoping I can do the same with whatever I end up putting up on Youtube.

Make Money – People you guys judge me and think I’m going to make videos with the intent of only making money online, well, I am… but the money may not only go to me. I was actually considering on donating a share of my profits from whatever I make from Youtube videos to charities. I guess I just need to get to that point of making money before anything.

Someone’s Stealing YOUR Top Commentator’s Link!

You know how I know someone’s stealing your Top Commentator’s link? I constantly catch people doing it on my blog and then I do some research to backup up my theory with hard evidence. Well, it seems people have found a loophole to the Top Commentator’s WordPress plugin and they simply benefit from it. Of course, when someone benefits from it another person gets their benefit taken away from them. Let’s work on getting this problem fixed.

How To Steal Someone’s Top Commentator’s Link

This information is only for educational use to build awareness and not intended on promoting hijacking of links.

For the record, I think this is unethical and a very cheap way of stealing someone elses’ work of commenting with their thoughts. But to do it, essentially you would find a name on someone’s “Top Commentator” list and simply comment using the same exact name and just enter in your website information.

Of course, that same person will probably be back to comment again but say it took them 20 comments to make it on the list, all the hijacker has to do is comment once and then they’ll be on the list in no time. Now all the hijacker has to do is just make a new comment after the original commentator makes another one.

Example of A Top Commentator Hijacker (With Proof!)

I’ve seen this done before, by accident and on purpose. You can hijack by accident if someone comments with their generic name. For instance, if I commented with “Jason” or “Jay”, I’m sure I’m not the only ones with that name that could possibly have commented. Though, some people obviously steal and hijack on purpose.

Here’s an example:

10 Books About Outsourcing You Should Read

This is a guest post by Tom and I just wanted to apologize to him for taking so long to post this article!  Check out his website at the end of this post.

Fortunately or unfortunately, outsourcing continues to be a hot topic among many industries. While it helps some and hurts others, it’s hard to deny the business logic behind this strategy. And by costing them stable jobs and careers, it’s the bane of many blue-collar workers’ existences in certain developed nations. Meanwhile, it is building previously considered third world countries into economic

As outsourcing begins to level the world’s economic playing field, it would behoove people in many sectors, industries, and economic classes to understand more about this process and its effects on people, companies and nations. The more you know about outsourcing, the more prepared you can be to deal with its effects or harness its power. And what better way than by reading a book? That being said, here are a few titles that might better help you understand outsourcing.

1. The Black Book of Outsourcing: How to Manage the Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities (by Douglas Brown)

Published in 2005, this book has recently been revised and is broken down into three parts. Part one focuses on how to plan for and manage outsourcing, part two deals with finding an outsourcing career, and part three is a guide for outsourcing entrepreneurs.

DatMoney Weekly Updates: Where Have You Been Man?!

I haven’t really had a “weekly” update for about two months now so it seems as though it is long overdo. I have a few things that I wanted to go over on these DatMoney weekly updates and definitely wanted to address the lack of posts this month.

I usually post my weekly updates on a Friday or the weekend but I didn’t want to wait to give you guys updates. So, let’s get started with the boring stuff, shall we?

Where Have I Been? - In the month of April, I have only posted three times (if you include this post) which is pretty bad. That’s basically like one post per week and that shows that I’m slacking… well, my on the lines that I’ve been busy.

Lately, I’ve been setting priorities and the big thing was to finish my taxes (which I did the day before the deadline) and I decided that I would do it by myself this year online. I’ll write a post on the details later because it was definitely a good learning experience… and a headache at the same time.

On top of that, I’ve just been busy and I’m trying to catch up on everything. It’s tough especially since I have a full-time job on top of everything I do online but please bear with me. I mean, I have post topics and drafts but I just haven’t had a chance to finish them.

Server Crashed/Sites Were Temporarily Unavailable – Most of you guys probably didn’t even notice it but there were two, maybe three times in which my server crashed for about like 10-15 minutes in the last week or two and it was due to high CPU load. Since one of my sites got into Google News I’ve been getting good traffic on top of my traffic from all my other sites. This has been affecting my CPU load on my dedicated server and I think I fixed it.