Which HD Video Camera Should I Get For Youtube?

Which HD Video Camera Should I Get For Youtube? – So, as some of you guys know, I’ve been considering starting a Youtube channel for quite sometime now. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do just yet but I want it to be related to comedy (or some weird variation of it). Of course, since I’m looking to make my own videos, I’m going to need a good video camera to do so. Which one would you recommend?

Why Am I Starting a Youtube Channel?

There are quite a few reasons why I want to start a Youtube channel but the main reason is because it’s something I always wanted to do. But here’s some more details on why.

It’s On My Bucket List - Well, maybe not exactly on my “bucket list” but rather something I want to do in life so I can cross off the list of things I have done. My list is so random but it includes anything from the small things in life (like Jet-skiing, riding a motorcycle or playing a poker tournament in Las Vegas) to medium things such as making Youtube videos.

Just making Youtube videos isn’t the only thing, my goal before I cross it off my list is to make at least one video and have it viewed over a million times.

If I get good at it, I’m hoping I get lots of videos viewed millions of times.

Getting My Name Out There And Making People Laugh – I don’t really need to get my name out there and I’m actually not trying to brand myself but ever since I was a kid, I’ve been able to make people laugh and it’s definitely a good feeling. I’m just hoping I can do the same with whatever I end up putting up on Youtube.

Make Money – People you guys judge me and think I’m going to make videos with the intent of only making money online, well, I am… but the money may not only go to me. I was actually considering on donating a share of my profits from whatever I make from Youtube videos to charities. I guess I just need to get to that point of making money before anything.

Um, I Want To… – I created an account years ago but I never really knew what I wanted to do, if anything. Again, I’m not even sure what I’m going to do because I’m my own worst critic. I mean, I used to make music and most of them were never released because I was so picky and just didn’t like it.

What Video Camera Do I Currently Have?

Currently, the only things that I have to videotape are the Flip Mino as well as my cell phone. Both are very convenient, easy to use as well as easy access for uploading it onto the computer but either is that great in quality.

I have been using the Flip Mino to record a lot of things and some videos have came out great. Plus, it comes with its own video editing program. But if I’m going to make a Youtube channel then I’m thinking on upgrading to something a little better. Which leads to my question…

Which HD Video Camera Should I Get For Youtube?

I did some research and found a few different ones that seem pretty good but I just wanted to ask you guys to see if you have any good camcorders or know of anything.

I know I have been busy and you have been seeing less blog posts on here but I have priorities. Making Youtube videos isn’t really one of them but since I record a lot of my daily activities when I go out anyways, I figured I would just try to invest in a new camera eventually.

I’m sure some of you guys are experts at Youtube, definitely more than me (as far as making videos and stuff) so I’d like some feedback.

Any advice, opinions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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14 Responses to “Which HD Video Camera Should I Get For Youtube?”

  1. Jimvesting says:

    I think upgrading to the Flip HD might just be your best option. I have thought about starting a YouTube channel too… for mine, I wanted to cover songs on guitar and vocals. It’s just something I wanted to do as well, thought it might be cool. Well it still hasn’t happened for me, haha, but maybe you have better luck.
    .-= Jimvesting´s last blog ..Day 30: Create Your 30-Minute Gameplan, and Put It Into Effect! =-.

  2. I recommend Flip HD as well, I use it to make underwater fishing video’s. But its not underwater by default so don’t try it haha.
    .-= The Saltwater Report´s last blog ..Professor Examines Oil Spill With New Prediction =-.

  3. yah maybe. You’ve got a point Jimvesting,

  4. Murlu says:

    Microsoft surprisingly makes a great camera called LiveCam – it’s HD and records great sound to boot. We have a couple at work for live tech help, keeps a very steady recording stream.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..How To Tame Your Email Inbox To Get More Done =-.

  5. You get your channel up yet?

  6. Jay says:

    How to Articles – Not yet. I have the ideas on what I will be doing, I just need to find the right camera to buy and actually go about doing it.


  7. Please keep us posted on which one you get. I am in the market for one, too, but haven’t started the research process. I was cleaning out my basement and found my old video camera from 1989. You know the kind – nearly as big as a house and almost as heavy. You have to glue your eyeball to the viewfinder to make a decent video.

  8. You pick one out yet?

  9. Jay says:

    How to Articles – I’m sticking with the Flip right now just to play around and work on some video editing and see how that goes. Eventually I’m going to upgrade to a Sony HD video camera but I just wanted to play around first to see where I want to do with this.


  10. I’ve got some experience with youtube, considering I’ve got a channel with 300+ subscribers to it, I will say this… you don’t need a super high fancy quality video camera. The thing you really need is to set yourself up with the right video editing tools, and make sure that when you “covert” your video you do it in the right format, so that your video and synched up with the audio perfectly. If you’ve got a bad convert.. sometimes your video will end up not synched on youtube… and that’s when you get the .25 audio delay to the video :(

  11. Is HD necessary? I mean it just for youtube.

  12. How much is the Sony camera?

  13. Vishal says:

    Hmm I use a sony Cybershot for my youtube videos, its not hd but it gets the job done. The SANYO Xacti seems like a good choice, a bit pricey but from what I gather its brilliant.
    .-= Vishal´s last blog ..Marketing Your Blog – Using Facebook Developers Social plugins =-.

  14. lucas says:

    Sony is the best

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