Someone’s Stealing YOUR Top Commentator’s Link!

You know how I know someone’s stealing your Top Commentator’s link? I constantly catch people doing it on my blog and then I do some research to backup up my theory with hard evidence. Well, it seems people have found a loophole to the Top Commentator’s WordPress plugin and they simply benefit from it. Of course, when someone benefits from it another person gets their benefit taken away from them. Let’s work on getting this problem fixed.

How To Steal Someone’s Top Commentator’s Link

This information is only for educational use to build awareness and not intended on promoting hijacking of links.

For the record, I think this is unethical and a very cheap way of stealing someone elses’ work of commenting with their thoughts. But to do it, essentially you would find a name on someone’s “Top Commentator” list and simply comment using the same exact name and just enter in your website information.

Of course, that same person will probably be back to comment again but say it took them 20 comments to make it on the list, all the hijacker has to do is comment once and then they’ll be on the list in no time. Now all the hijacker has to do is just make a new comment after the original commentator makes another one.

Example of A Top Commentator Hijacker (With Proof!)

I’ve seen this done before, by accident and on purpose. You can hijack by accident if someone comments with their generic name. For instance, if I commented with “Jason” or “Jay”, I’m sure I’m not the only ones with that name that could possibly have commented. Though, some people obviously steal and hijack on purpose.

Here’s an example:

As you can see from the screenshot above, it doesn’t look like anything special, right? But why would someone try to rank in search engines for “how to articles” that leads to a health blog? Luckily, I spotted that from a mile away because the person who comments regularly on this blog with the anchor text “how to articles” comes from That would make more sense too… “how to articles” leading to a “how to” website.

Check out the screenshot of the real commentator with that anchor text above:

More Evidence This Person Hijacked Intentionally

So, I actually did some research because this type of thing kind of pisses me off. I mean, someone is taking the easy route and intentionally hurting other people’s hard work.

There’s this website called and which you can look up where people are commenting and which website they are linking to. Of course, I checked them out there and it looks like they have been hijacking for quite sometime.

You can check out some of the comments, anchor texts they’ve been stealing and which blogs they have been commenting on here.

Let’s go over a few examples on other sites that support top commentators in which this person has been stealing from.

On Cashtactics, this person managed to comment as “Laptop Carrying Case” which looks like it belongs to

On Uberaffiliate, this person managed to comment as “Net Age Web Design” which looks like it belongs to

On Feedflare, this person managed to comment as “CB Predator” which looks like it belongs to

On Entrepreneurs-Journey, this person managed to comment as “Nicole Price” which looks like it belongs to

On Jonathanvolk, this person managed to comment as “AffiliatePaying” which looks like it belongs to

On Tylercruz, this person managed to comment as “SEO Tricks” and I would link to the original commentator but I couldn’t find it.

But you guys get the point, right?

How We Can Work Together To Stop This

I have to give some credit to this person (and any other people who hijack) because they found this loophole and they actually do take time to comment. Unfortunately, what they’re doing is still unethical.

So, what can we do to stop this?

Well, there’s only so much one person can do… but if we worked together then there will be a bigger impact. I already e-mailed this person informing them that I think it’s unethical what they are doing but never received a response. I mean, why would I? But here’s a few things we can do:

Remove Their Link – By simply deleting their comment is a great start so you’re not supporting their unethical link.

Blacklist Their Site On Top Commentator’s Plugin – All you have to do is add their URL to the Top Commentator’s “Filter URLs.” In case you don’t know how to do it, all you have to do is go to plugins – “edit” top commentators – and enter the website in the “filter_urls” section. Here is a screenshot below:

Spread The Word - Spreading the word simply helps fight against spammers and people who basically steal. Write a post about it, inform the blog owner’s that your link is being stolen, etc.

Fix The Loophole In The Plugin? – I personally don’t know how to fix it and have yet to contact the person who created the plugin but I’m not exactly sure if there’s a way to fix the problem. If there is, feel free to help out!

I’m sure there is a lot more we can do to work together to fight against thieves and if you can think of any, feel free to add it my list.


Again, I’m just speaking out on what I think is fair and obviously when people do this, it is equivalent to stealing. Don’t get me wrong, they are all legit comments and that’s probably why no one has really noticed but I’m just supporting the cause to help out.

If you had this done to you and have proof, let me know and I’ll add you to this post and give you a backlink to your website. Of course, please show detailed proof because I’m sure there are some people who will want to try to get a cheap backlink from me.

Hey, I’m just saying… it has happened before! :D

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