Weekly Roundup 3 – Interesting Articles Around the Blogosphere

Unclaimed prize note: The person who won the USB pen in the Market Leverage contest didn’t claim his/her prize. If anyone wants it, guess of a number between 1 and 100 and whoever comes the closest to the number I have in mind will win. If one person guesses and no one else does, they will win. You guys have until Sunday 11am eastern time. Good luck!

It seems as though people somewhat enjoy the weekly roundup posts so I think I’m going to continue this once a week. It benefits my readers, the bloggers as well as me. If you guys know of any interesting articles in the blogosphere, let me know and I’ll post it.

If you’re looking to cut out the middleman as a blogger so you can maximize your revenue, you should check out my guest post at bloggingtips.com titled “Cut Out the Middleman to Maximize your Online Profits – Part 1”.

I said this before and I’ll say it again, do not start Make Money Online Blogs! Well, Jason a.k.a. TUK has a similar mindset with his “Make Money Online Blogs – Fail!”

Having relationship problems? Well, Tina Su writes on “How to Keep a Relationship” for those of guys that can’t keep your significant others.

Have you guys heard of the Top Affiliate Challenge? Yeah, the one that’s revealing the fakes in the affiliate marketing industry… well, Paul thinks the “Top Affiliate Challenge Sucks” and it’s hilarious the points he makes. Also, his mocking post was hilarious too! It’s at “Top Affiliate Challenge Genius.”

Zac Johnson also gives his side of the story on “Where Top Affiliate Challenge Went Wrong.”

Are you into Affiliate Marketing? Well, learn from Jonathan Volk’s mistake to not rush campaigns. You can read it at “My $3,500 Mistake.”

You guys need SEO help! Well, maybe not. But if you did, Gyutae Park came up with his “14 Steps to Transforming your Career Path to Super SEO Status.”

For you video game addicts who buy every video game that comes, well, I’m sure you got the Battlefield: Bad Company game. Check out the “Battlefield: Bad Company (BF:BC) Ranks, Badges, and XP.”

Looking for a different niche to make money online? Well, Alan reminds us why the “Travel Niche is Hot During the Summer Slowdown.”

Everyone likes some Entrecard bashing. Well, Tyler Cruz finally got rid of the Entrecard widget from his blog. Read why at “Good Riddance, Entrecard.”

Again, if you guys have any links you have seen within the past week (or two), let me know and I’ll check it out and possibly post it!

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23 Responses to “Weekly Roundup 3 – Interesting Articles Around the Blogosphere”

  1. Jason says:

    Judging by a lot of the pictures in the posts on this blog, and one of the main topics on iBlogToBlog.com, the number I’m gonna have to go with is 69. :razz:

  2. David Hobson says:

    Good post thanks for the links there are some interesting post there to read.

    David Hobsons last blog post..Use Video to Reduce a Websites Bounce Rate

  3. 52 is the magic number. My magic 8-ball told me so!

  4. ES says:

    I’m gonna say 7.

  5. Wendy says:

    If you whisper the number to me I will know. You know how to find me LOL

    Had to try didn’t I. Ok my guess is 35 I chose that number cause that is how many years I will be married next week. So there (pffft ….)

    Somehow I always get stuck on your site like forever sometimes.

    Quit writing such article that keep here. Now Ihave to go check why you like those blogs so much.

    Mayhap I can learn a thing or two. Then again mayhap not.

    Now get back to work. (that was aimed at me not you, or was it)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and go get some sun light. Foggy and cold here Yuck

    Wendys last blog post..Do you Belong to Technorati??

  6. Thanks for the link! :)

    Also my guess is 3.


    Affiliate Marketings last blog post..My $3,500 Mistake

  7. Didn’t you say that you’ll pick one of the post commenters to win that pen? :p

    Will go for 85.

  8. ill go 15. and nice posts! :D

    Tom – StandOutBlogger.coms last blog post..5 Steps To Successfully Competing In A Blogging Contest

  9. DotDriven says:

    I’m gonna have to guess 47 :)

    DotDrivens last blog post..Permalinks in wordpress: easy to change?

  10. Jay says:

    International Freebies – Yes, I said that originally until some random people who I have never seen before commented TONS of times to take over the top commentator spots. Probably to get some of the PR4 link juices…


  11. EntreBlast says:

    25’s my lucky number. So I’ll go with that.

  12. I’ll say 26 for my guess.

  13. I guess 15, its my lucky number! I love the weekly round – up, keep em’ coming!

  14. Matt Martin says:

    Hmm… 77 = )

  15. Cynthia says:

    Let’s go with 67!

  16. gLf says:

    Number 2!


    gLfs last blog post..EcoGlue Giveaway

  17. Guess is 90.

    Brad Blogging.com – Personal Blog Tips And Blog Helps last blog post..Ping Different Content Aggregators For Faster Indexing

  18. Vladinati says:

    is this still going on ill guess 23

    Vladinatis last blog post..Success through prosperity

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