Weekly Roundup 2 – Interesting Articles Around the Blogosphere

I was going to post this on Saturday (well, every Saturday) but I was kind of busy for the 4th of July weekend. But since I got some positive responses about my last Weekly Roundup , I figured I’d continue to do this to give some link love to people who write interesting articles. So, here’s the Monday Weekly Roundup!

And if you know of any other interesting articles, let me know and I’ll check it out and you might see it on the next Weekly Round!

Are you a “Comment Pussy?” LOL! Hey, it’s not my title. Article was written by Suzanne Franco.

Did you know celebrities don’t use their real names? Well, here’s a List of Celebrity Real Names , I’m pretty sure you’ll be shocked at some of these like I was!

This one isn’t for me but it’s always an interesting article if it’s written by Tina Su. It’s 20 Ways to Attack Shyness .

Do you need to know how to keep your RSS Feed subscribers from unsubscribing? Well, check out this article by Matthew Henrickson titled “What Now? They Keep Unsubscribing”

Do you still make affiliate marketing mistakes as a pro? Well, so does Paul… check out “Affiliate Marketing Mistakes I Still Make”

We argue on how long posts should be… well, Yuwanda Black guest posted on copyblogger.com with “3 Things to Consider When Deciding How Long Your Blog Posts Should Be.”

Dude, your bounce rate sucks (especially if you use Entrecard)… but Maki writes on “How to Analyze and Improve the ‘Bounce Rate’ for Your Website”

Looking to “Creating your own Video Entertainment Website?” Well, Zac Johnson tells you how.

Ahhh… we love contradictions, don’t we? Check out Ann Smarty’s “Reciprocal Linking: SEO’s Longstanding Contradiction.”

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8 Responses to “Weekly Roundup 2 – Interesting Articles Around the Blogosphere”

  1. Jovana says:

    Thanks alot – I actually had an interesting read. ‘Comment pussy’ is actually quite funny. I am in a dilema on one of my blogs, actually. I have two or three comments like that (I just started out a month and a half ago) and I’m hesitant to take them off because one spammy comment is better then no comment, you know what I mean?

    I guess once my readership starts increasing, I can be more picky :) Thanks for the list!

  2. Jay says:

    Jovana – I would get rid of the spammy comments from the beginning because you don’t want to help those spammers with backlinks from your site because it may actually hurt your website creditials as well.

    Just my opinion… I always take off spam comments even if they “sound” legit, more than likely it’s not. You could always Google the spam comment and you’ll see an entire list of the same spam comments on other blogs.


  3. Jovana says:

    Eek, ok, actually, I will – I really want it to be a quality blog. Thanks for the comment and the helping hand :)

  4. Jim says:

    thanks jay, very nice list, “Comment Pussy?” the title is kind funny but its good makes you want to read it

  5. Hey Jay ~ Thanks for adding me to your roundup post ;) I got a pretty funny comment today on that post … it was a legitimate post comment … but the blog they were promoting is in the porn industry and he used “relevant” anchor text … putting me in a position to decide whether or not to approve it. *sigh*

    Jovana ~ I would personally have to agree with Jay on the “no comments” is better than supporting the spammers. Traffic will come in time and you’ll be glad you waited. *hugs* Suzanne

    Jim ~ I know it’s a funny title … but everytime I get one of those “time waster” comments that’s all I think … “PUSSY” don’t post your crap on my blog! Work for the links and the traffic like the rest of us … by truly caring about others. ;) Most likely you’ll think of that too every time you get one. LOL

    Suzanne Francos last blog post..Purchasing and Pointing Your Domain Name

  6. EntreBlast says:

    I’m definitely NOT a comment pussy. Haha! @ The list of celebrities real names – There’s a site that has a TON of info. Nonetheless, good linkbait!

    EntreBlasts last blog post..Drop Faster With Firefox 3

  7. Mike Huang says:

    I love all the speedlinking posts that bloggers publish. It allows me to really see what others have to post about.


    Mike Huangs last blog post..MapleStory Yakuza

  8. Hye Munar says:

    I’ve bookmarked your page and read all the articles later…all of them are very informative judging from the titles. Thanks.

    Hye Munars last blog post..iPhone 3G Lines – News, Release, Reviews

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