If You Didn’t have Entrecard, Your Blog Would Have No Visitors

uncle sam saying if you didn't have Entrecard, you would have no visitors I’m not trying to bad mouth Entrecard because I believe it was a great way of getting introduced to new sites and meeting great bloggers I probably would have never met before. But I don’t like the fact that there are people who rely so heavily on it for visitors that if there were no Entrecard, they would have no visitors.

Personally, I haven’t been using Entrecard as much as I did before. I used to drop 100-250 cards a day but I stopped doing that because I didn’t want to be a chain dropper like most. I started to take time to read people’s articles and if it interests me enough, I would leave comments.

Why did I stop you ask? Well, it was bringing in a LOT of junk traffic. Check out this quick screenshot I took of my stats. (You can click on it to make it bigger)

entrecard bounce rate is high
As you can see, Entrecard referrals bring in decent traffic but notice how they spend about 30 seconds on my site (and I would say that’s being generous) but look at the bounce rate. Over 90%!!!

Now I understand my blog is currently not set up to have a low bounce rate but over 90% is just unhealthy. My current overall average is in the low 60’s, but I can almost guarantee you that if I got rid of Entrecard completely, it would be even lower.

So after my extended break from Entrecard, I decided to log back in to actually see what’s been going on. (I was only logging in before to accept ads) I’ve noticed there are some people who have their ads cost over 500 for one day. Of course, I’m a curious-minded person so I checked out a few of these sites, not just the ones that cost 500+ credits. And without putting any names out there, I checked out their stats and I’ve noticed that a lot of people have decent Alexa ratings (even though Alexa ratings really doesn’t say much but I was almost impressed).

After looking even further into it, a bunch of these sites have like 90% of their traffic coming from Entrecard. So, I guess that’s how you can manipulate Alexa ratings, huh? Maybe I should start dropping like crazy to get artificial traffic!

Yes, my curiosity sometimes gets the best of me so I decided to explore even more. I started visiting sites so I can discover new blogs and meet new people that might catch my interest like how I did when I first signed up. And yes, something caught my interest… the fact that people are just now starting to realize that if there was no Entrecard, then they would have no visitors.

And some people mentioned they were going to stop dropping like crazy and I almost praised them for it.

Oh, I had participated in this mini discussion that this blogger’s advertiser decided against placing their ad on his space because his bounce rate was so high and that they noticed a bunch of traffic was coming from Entrecard droppers. Well, doesn’t that just suck? I guess they didn’t want the artificial traffic like most, huh?

So, you don’t have to drop your Entrecard on me if you’re expecting me just to return the favor. Drop your Entrecard on me because you like my site, my content or even if you hate it but you read my article(s).

But please don’t think I’m just going to your site to drop, drop, drop… I will go to your site to at least read a post, skim through your site or even comment.

I’m just hoping, instead of just dropping and dashing, you’ll do the same!

*I wasn’t even going to post this but I had to get it off my chest*

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45 Responses to “If You Didn’t have Entrecard, Your Blog Would Have No Visitors”

  1. grottynosh says:

    Hi Jay,
    I haven’t bothered with Entrecard and rely upon organic results from search engines. At least they are real people who don’t just ‘hit and go’.
    I’m happy with my traffic and also #1 placement on Google search for my niche.
    Have a great day and weekend ahead,
    Colin – Free PC Security

  2. MarketingDeviant says:

    I was thinking you might get more high quality traffic by buying a lot of ads from entrecard so it might be a new approach. I’m trying to get more credits through dropping so I can buy more ads =D.

  3. midomssh says:

    well done my friend
    so funny i just finish typing my post for tomorrow then i found you talk on the same topic but in different view hehehehe when i press publish found your mail come to me as i subscribe to your feed if you check my last post you will know what i mean

    and from my view you are completely right 100% about your post i will thump this up

  4. wildfxp says:


    You’re absolutely correct about Entrecard. I’m about to write up a more detailed post about this matter too. If you check again on the Alexa ratings for the “POPULAR” blogs, you would see they had little or no traffic before Entrecard, but they jumped right when Entrecard popped out. I think the blog owners just don’t get the picture that their content must’ve sucked or they didn’t know how to market before Entrecard. For me, I also use Entrecard, but I drop only 20-50cards/day and my average is usually 35. I used to drop 100/day when the site didn’t lag, but I stopped after realizing the traffic sucks. I went up to around 87% bounce rate, but I’m back down to about 65-70%, which I say is the usual for any blog. Besides the Entrecard post, I’m going to write about how Alexa is starting to be fake ALL because of Entrecard. The value is soon going to drop and I’m not sure how Entrecard members will deal with it because a higher rank will mean NOTHING in the future.


    p.s. GREAT POST! Graham is a good friend of mine, but he doesn’t care if he’s ruining the blogosphere. MONEY is the matter.

  5. Pahn says:

    r really knew about Entrecard up until now.. you really give us better knowledge about these stuffs.. keep up the good work!! Kudos*

  6. Tamera Daun says:

    hehe, Jay. Now you’re talkin’! One of your better posts. Straight from the honest gut! Informative b/c I’ve been wondering about these instant raving Alexa ratings accomplished within a couple of months. I kept looking at mine (2 months old) thinking, “WTF”? And, I have real readers that comment. This question has consumed me the past day or so, and you seem to provide on of the pieces of the puzzle.

    I think you should do more posts like this. The loopholes. It’ll make us newbies feel sooo much better. ;o)

  7. BobbyT says:

    if one day i would achieve the status of john cow or even half of it, i am pretty sure i can drop entrecard at the snap of a finger. as for now, it brings me traffic, exposure and improves my Alexa ranking, I even sold EC credits, definitely keeping it on my blog wall! however i agree that the chain dropping behavior has got to stop, otherwise the inflation rate would get out of hand.

  8. Blogging Mix says:

    It really sucks when an advertiser turns you down, especially when it’s suppose to be your biggest advertiser, because of your traffic source.

    You made a good point in this post, which is precisely what I’m doing at the moment. I slowed down using Entrecard and my bounce rate became better. I’m concentrating on SEO as I believe it’s still the best traffic out there.

    Good luck to your blog.


  9. Trey Jones says:

    Yeah, I have to echo everyone else’s comments on this one. Very nice post. I’ve started to cut down on my entrecard usage myself, once I saw how inflated my alexa numbers were getting.

    I still say that entrecard needs to have like a 50 card drop per day limit, so that the whole idea of dropping is still recognized, but the numbers won’t be inflated as much.

  10. Haney says:

    Hey Jay, what a coincidence. I posted on Entrecard too. Infact, I posted a few weeks back in their forum, whether they just drop cards for the sake of dropping.

    And I believe in quality visitos.

  11. Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' says:

    Colin – A lot of people don’t bother with Entrecard anymore, but congrats on your #1 placement!

    Marketingdeviant – Buying more ads is just a bigger way of getting people to link through and drop their cards lol!

    Midomssh – lol everyone tends to talk about the same thing… one week I had two posts on guest posting then went to everyone elses blog and they were talking about the same thing! Oh, and you just pasted MY link lol

    Mike – I’m not trying to bad mouth Graham or anything, he’s a fellow Bostonian. But the system is revealing how flawed it is.

    Also, I was waiting for your post. Though you would have posted it a couple days ago.

    Pahn – Well, I try to help other bloggers out as much as I can, through my personal experience. I hope you just continue to get something out of my blogging.

    Tamera – lol thanks! I actually do talk about a few loopholes but I don’t want to put some places on blast, you know? But I have to help warn others if I can… but I think you’re FAR from a newbie :P

    Bobby – John Cow actually put Entrecard back up because of the controversy between “someone” posing as Graham (the owner of Entrecard) and him. It’s pretty funny, you should check it out sometime.

    Rocky – I’m glad you’re another person who’s realizing that Entrecard is NOT as good in the long run because of the chain droppers.

    Good luck with your blog!

    Trey – Don’t get me wrong, I would still drop too. But just don’t rely too heavily on it, you know?

    Haney – I think this discussion on chain dropping as been a topic since Entrecard begun. I talk about it numerous times since I joined, but it’s not going to change people from chain dropping, you know?


  12. Bubbles says:

    I like entrecard because I get to read post from various walks of life ( that I might not have otherwise). I don’t chain drop, but I do try to drop about 50-100. I don’t read all the blogs just something that has caught my attention – like yours :)
    It has helped in terms of traffic and I get more comments nowadays as compared b4 entrecards days

  13. Zero and Up says:

    The main reason why I want to use entrecard is because of the ease (and low cost) of which I would be able to buy an ad at a site such as john chow or problogger.

    I figure that if I only purchase ads on high quality sites that I know get quality traffic, I won’t have to worry quite as much about having a high bounce rate.

  14. Tamera Daun says:

    Ahh, Jay. I’d still like to see you give ‘em a little more h***. I can vicariously live out the little rebel in me through you..LOL..all of those frustrations. *just kiddin’* (sort of).

  15. Colin King says:

    I wrote a guest post in a similar vein, EntreCard Forever?. While EC is a good kick-start for a new blog, it’s just like any source of traffic in that you shouldn’t depend on it. While EC brings in some traffic you should be developing other streams. At the moment EC traffic is around 45% of my total traffic. Once I can get it down to around 10-15% then I might go totally casual ;)

  16. Walk Through Money Online Journal says:

    I know if my traffic is from Entrecard won’t give me money. But if I have clicks on my Google Adsense that turned into money, then I know that I got my traffic from the Search Engine.

    I totally agree with you that the traffic from Entrecard wont give you the targetted traffic that will turn into money. So it is better to count the money than the traffic. Thanks for the info…

  17. Jenny@thesocalledme says:

    I wasn’t getting anything from entrecard so I took it off my site. It was a waste of time and space and it made my theme look ugleh!

  18. biz beacon says:

    Of course I agree with the title of your post, at least as far as my blogs go and most new bloggers who sign up for Entrecard. I’m surprised that most people wouldn’t know this going in. Maybe ego gets in the way and they want to believe that the reason their Alexa traffic is up is that they are the real deal and everyone has finally realized it. The fact remains that most bloggers who have quality content will gain new readers via Entrecard and the decision one makes is how much time to invest in dropping cards or participating in the community.

  19. Jillian says:

    I thought this was a good post. I use Entrecard, and I’ll admit to being a chaindropper. However, I have found 10 new blogs I enjoy reading and have picked up a few more subscribers. I generally skim through their latest post and if it looks interesting I’ll comment. I have no doubt that people do the same for me and since I can be so random, I imagine I turn off a lot of people that don’t already know.

    Since I keep a personal blog that is not monetized I don’t think I face the same problems with PR and Alexa rankings, although I am working on other stuff to get out there.

    While Entrecard is flawed, I wouldn’t have picked up some new blogs to read if I hadn’t of used it.

    Anyways, informative post! :-D

  20. Gerri says:

    I used to drop cards like a mad man and got a lot of fake traffic as you put in your post. These days I don’t drop as much as I actually take the time to read peoples blogs and I get a lot of useful info from them and get to learn a thing or two. And just like what everyone else is saying, your sites states get to unhealthy figures. People should be working at building not killing!
    Ps. I dropped a card on you because I like what you have to say. Entrecard users need to stop by here and read what you have to say.

  21. shirley says:

    I too have put a similar type post on my blog about not getting the quality traffic or visitors to my blog. Click and runs is what I call them. The ones that don’t take the time to read our blogs or make a comment.

    I applaud you for stepping out and writing this post. I left you a drop after reading a lot of your blog. I enjoyed all the comments other bloggers have left on this matter too.

  22. Brian Hawkins says:

    Hi Jay,
    I’m new to Entrecard and I’m still trying to figure out how to get any traffic from it. Thanks for the post.

    I would love to know where you get the stats you showed. Is that a plugin? I have no idea what a bounce rate is, not for a blog.

    Thanks, Brian

  23. Contamination says:

    I’ve replied to this post here:problems with EntreCard traffic

  24. WHY CORNER says:

    Well, I don’t have Entrecard! So, I won’t be dropping you one, also. You know why I’m commenting? Because, you said you are curious to find quality sites. I’m not in the rat race, shouting out to readers, how to make money online. I run a blog for curious minds – minds that crave for knowledge, which people normally tend to ignore.

    But, I must say that you have guts to speak out the truth. Good post, friend!


  25. Duane Lester says:

    This is the first article I have read on this blog, and it was good enough that I signed up for your RSS feed.

    You make a great point and it has altered the way I think about Entrecard.

    Well done.

  26. Jay says:

    For some reason, I thought I responded to everyone, but I guess I didn’t. But here it goes…

    Bubbles – I’m glad you at least take the time out to read blogs. And 50-100 isn’t so bad, because it seems you’re actually looking through peoples sites.

    Zero and Up – That’s not true about purchasing on high quality sites, because most people that would even check out your site are from Entrecard to begin with.

    Tamera – LOL! Don’t worry, I’m frustrated on most days lol!

    CK – I think less than 10% of my visitors come from Entrecard because I stopped dropping a lot. Hopefully, it’ll work out for you soon.

    Walk through – I’m hearing more and more sponsors are turning down Entrecard-heavy sites. But that’s just me.

    Jenny – It is a waste when you don’t actively drop, drop, drop. I kept it on my site and as you can see, to purchase an space is cheap.

    Biz – I hope people see my blog for quality content. But I’m not really surprised that many don’t know this is going on. Hey, I don’t check my stats everyday either.

    Jillian – Once you find out the fake traffic you’ll get from chain dropping, I can guarantee you that you’ll eventually stop. But hey, you saw it for what it was, plus, you discovered new sites which is always a good thing!

    Gerri – I think most people start off dropping like mad and eventually slow it down. But hey, feel free to drop your card here anytime… I’m just asking for you to at least check out an article or two. :-)

    Shirley – Hey, we all have to speak our minds with our own opinions, right? A lot of Entrecarders defended Entrecard but I think they took it wrong. I’m not saying Entrecard is BAD, I’m just saying it’s extremely flawed.

    Brian – I took a screenshot of my own stats from Google analytics. If you don’t have a stat tracker installed, I would suggest doing so.

    Contamination – I commented on your reply on your blog.

    Why Corner – sorry it took so long, I would check out your blog but there’s no more link because I just switched over from Blogger. But I always speak the truth, no point in lying on my blog.

    Duane – I’m glad I had a good first impression for you. And thanks for signing up for my RSS Feeds, I definitely appreciate it!


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  29. I must admit, I am a frequent dropper hoping for higher traffic. However, I totally agree with your post.

    In fact, I made a post How to Convince Entrecard Users to Read your Blog more than a month ago.

    I even mentioned there that according to Graham Langdon of Entrecard, the real purpose of his project is to provide an easy way for bloggers to read other blogs.

    Thanks for this post.

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  32. […] i will analyze my RSS subscriber to build up the reputation. I think you’re a fine example of If You Didn’t Have Entrecard,Your Blog Would Have No Visitors. I honestly hope you’re not looking to make money online with fake traffic __________________ […]

  33. Lee says:

    Excuse me all late with myself…

    I am an Entrecard user & a new blogger and have found it a great way to discover new blogs. Some I just drop and run, others like this one I sit and read forever.

    Very valid points you make about the validity of traffic, and excellent article overall. Thanks…

  34. danandmarsh says:

    What I am finding out is I am getting a bunch of passer bys. You think I would get a few takers in my entrecard contest, grand prize 600 credits, what newbie wouldn’t want that. I am getting the same few from my last contest, so I guess what I am saying is thats what I get is chain droppers! Getting tired of entrecard! I do like when I drop and a site catches my eye, I save it in my favorites, and maybe subscribe!!
    Don’t worry Jay, I was your subscriber even before I knew what entrecard was! :)
    I had won 100 credits once(always wondering what they were), finally had a chance to check it out!
    good day!

  35. Matt Keegan says:

    I agree. Entrecard has worked well on several of my blogs, sending to me traffic and letting me find great blogs such as this one. I am not sure I would have found you without Entrecard, but because I drop my card all over the place, your blog has come up several times.

    Matt Keegan’s last blog post..Alexa Acts Up, Amends Algorithm

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  37. Orkut Guide says:

    But this is not pretty easy. Content is king. Have good contents and people will start coming automatically.

    Orkut Guides last blog post..Oriya Graphic Scraps (Rathayatra Special -II)

  38. My suggestion on entrecard: Get one. Play with it for a few weeks, then leave it up but stop playing with it.

    You do get some quality traffic, and you build some relationships, but those advantages dissapear after about a week or two.

    Leave it up, approve the ads. Periodically either sell the credits or run massive ad campaigns. Check out the store, there is some good stuff there for fairly reasonable prices as well.

    Carnival of Making Money Onlines last blog post..Taking your Blog to a Community

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  40. […] Yes, useless. And that’s answering after knowing those A-list bloggers use it… matter of fact, If You Didn?t have Entrecard, Your Blog Would Have No Visitors | Blogging Tips & Custom Banner D…which also shows the high, VERY high bounce rate, few seconds people spend on your site, […]

  41. Avatar says:

    Dear Jason,

    Great point you made there about EntreCard. For a new blogger like me, EntreCard is fantastic. However, like you said, even though EntreCard brings in a lot of hits, most of them are coming in just to drop and then they leave.

    Still, some of them do stay for a while to read.

    My own personal opinion is that it’s good to use EntreCard to drop on different type of blogs. That way I can book mark those blogs that interests me…

    The main problem with EntreCard is as you said… When the no. of visitors goes down, it makes us stop and think whether our content is not as good as we feel it is. With EntreCard, one can easily be misled into thinking everything is fine, not realizing most people are just visiting to drop their cards…

    We need that sort of feedback to tune up our content and EntreCard masks a lot of that relevant feedback unless we look carefully at the duration of the visits and bounce rate, as you pointed out.

    Avatars last blog post..The Way of the General – Part V

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  43. I like Entrecard. When I started blogging it was one of the first places I went to. So far it has worked out good for me. I’m getting some traffic along with readers. I’ve found a lot of blogs with the system. I drop, look around, then run. That’s only if I have nothing to say. I personally would rather drop and run than to leave comment that has no content or is completely unrelated to the post.

    One thing I see most people forgetting is that Entrecard is only bringing the traffic. In the end it is up to the blogger to convert the droppers into readers.

    ImitationAngels last blog post..Friday Is Not My Day

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  45. Lauren says:

    I have to agree with you 100%. It’s really ridiculous to concentrate on 3 blogs and drop hundreds of cards a day when my first priority is my Doctorate right.

    Commenting is really the best way to get the most unique visitors. This has reallt helped me.

    Laurens last blog post..The Pitfalls of Being a Small Business Owner in Florida

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