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Warning: Before you continue to read why you should sign up for Twitter, by doing so, you are taking a risk of becoming more addicted to it than blogging! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Most of you guys already know about Twitter, I mean, the last few weeks all I seen were Twitter posts and how you can “increase your traffic with Twitter” or “use the full benefits of Twitter!” So, I guess it’s my turn to tell you why you should sign up for Twitter, huh? I will just say, “because you will get noticed!”

I have only been a member of Twitter for a couple days and I’m already interacting with some great bloggers (and non-bloggers) and that includes a couple of A-listers. Twitter is definitely a good way to get noticed by your peers and definitely to expand out to build a bigger readership. I mean, who doesn’t want exposure for their site(s)?

Just picture yourself in a big chat room with fellow bloggers just sharing thoughts, stories, ideas or just showing how crazy your personality is. *Cough* Garry Conn *Cough*

Twitter allows you to interact and show people what’s behind that blogger-mind of yours. I mean, how often does a little blogger like me get to leisurely chat with Darren of Problogger or Maki of Doshdosh?

I know they’re busy and all, but here’s the secret… and don’t tell anybody! Psst… come closer… they’re busy because… they’re on Twitter all day! And there you have it ladies and gentle-fellas! The true reasoning behind why bloggers are so busy when they’re not blogging.

Hey, Twitter shows me A-listers are just like any of us – bloggers, normal people, Twitter addicts!

Okay, sorry, I’m getting a little off-track with my ass kissing. And now you’re probably wondering, “who cares if I get noticed by an A-lister?” Fine, that’s understandable that there are tons of people who could careless. But Twitter will benefit you more than just getting noticed, you will get guaranteed traffic!

Personally, I’ve gotten about 30-40 unique visitors from yesterday to today. That’s not saying much, but then again, I didn’t drop a single link through my ‘updates’ and I only been there for a couple days. On top of that, Twitter visitors average about a minute and a half with a 56% bounce rate.

Wow, compare that with my Entrecard traffic the past couple days – average of 2 seconds and a bounce rate of 96%! (no exaggeration on those stats, I’ll screenshot it again if you want).

Obviously, there’s no comparison.

But according to 45n5, Twitter is their #10 referral. Given the fact that they’ve gotten over 20,000+ uniques this month, that’s pretty good!

Also, if you do get the attention of an A-list blogger, sometimes they’ll share your link to their readers. Additionally, if you’re lucky, you’ll get some link love on their blog.

Don’t believe me? Well, then you must’ve not been to Problogger because the other day he simply asked his ‘followers’ to “nominate their best post from the last week” and he gave them link love.

You still think you won’t get noticed with Twitter? Hey, I got noticed by a bunch of people who I just met for the first time. So feel free to add me when and if you do sign up!

Special shout out to some of my Twitter noobs buddies: Brunette, Garryconn, Ericablonde, Gorillasushi, Saphrym, Rhyswynne… and if I forgot to mention you here, just let me know!Twitter LogoTwitter Logo

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