Getting Noticed with Twitter (and Get Some Good Traffic!)

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Warning: Before you continue to read why you should sign up for Twitter, by doing so, you are taking a risk of becoming more addicted to it than blogging! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Most of you guys already know about Twitter, I mean, the last few weeks all I seen were Twitter posts and how you can “increase your traffic with Twitter” or “use the full benefits of Twitter!” So, I guess it’s my turn to tell you why you should sign up for Twitter, huh? I will just say, “because you will get noticed!”

I have only been a member of Twitter for a couple days and I’m already interacting with some great bloggers (and non-bloggers) and that includes a couple of A-listers. Twitter is definitely a good way to get noticed by your peers and definitely to expand out to build a bigger readership. I mean, who doesn’t want exposure for their site(s)?

Just picture yourself in a big chat room with fellow bloggers just sharing thoughts, stories, ideas or just showing how crazy your personality is. *Cough* Garry Conn *Cough*

Twitter allows you to interact and show people what’s behind that blogger-mind of yours. I mean, how often does a little blogger like me get to leisurely chat with Darren of Problogger or Maki of Doshdosh?

I know they’re busy and all, but here’s the secret… and don’t tell anybody! Psst… come closer… they’re busy because… they’re on Twitter all day! And there you have it ladies and gentle-fellas! The true reasoning behind why bloggers are so busy when they’re not blogging.

Hey, Twitter shows me A-listers are just like any of us – bloggers, normal people, Twitter addicts!

Okay, sorry, I’m getting a little off-track with my ass kissing. And now you’re probably wondering, “who cares if I get noticed by an A-lister?” Fine, that’s understandable that there are tons of people who could careless. But Twitter will benefit you more than just getting noticed, you will get guaranteed traffic!

Personally, I’ve gotten about 30-40 unique visitors from yesterday to today. That’s not saying much, but then again, I didn’t drop a single link through my ‘updates’ and I only been there for a couple days. On top of that, Twitter visitors average about a minute and a half with a 56% bounce rate.

Wow, compare that with my Entrecard traffic the past couple days – average of 2 seconds and a bounce rate of 96%! (no exaggeration on those stats, I’ll screenshot it again if you want).

Obviously, there’s no comparison.

But according to 45n5, Twitter is their #10 referral. Given the fact that they’ve gotten over 20,000+ uniques this month, that’s pretty good!

Also, if you do get the attention of an A-list blogger, sometimes they’ll share your link to their readers. Additionally, if you’re lucky, you’ll get some link love on their blog.

Don’t believe me? Well, then you must’ve not been to Problogger because the other day he simply asked his ‘followers’ to “nominate their best post from the last week” and he gave them link love.

You still think you won’t get noticed with Twitter? Hey, I got noticed by a bunch of people who I just met for the first time. So feel free to add me when and if you do sign up!

Special shout out to some of my Twitter noobs buddies: Brunette, Garryconn, Ericablonde, Gorillasushi, Saphrym, Rhyswynne… and if I forgot to mention you here, just let me know!Twitter LogoTwitter Logo

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26 Responses to “Getting Noticed with Twitter (and Get Some Good Traffic!)”

  1. Caren says:

    I totally agree. First of all I love twitter-especially the widgets. I can put tweets on multiple sites that way. This is great since I do occasionally tweet tips or important notices and I would rather not have to type them multiple times.

    I do love the occasional traffic. While I don’t get as much as you do, I do get a couple a day, which isn’t too bad since I only have 7 followers (I’m amazed I have that many tbh….I’m not exactly some Alist blogger. Heck, I’m more like a D-list blogger).

    However I hate people who only put links on twitter. I don’t mind a link here or there , since most people post a blog post everyday, however I hate people who post like 6 -20 links a day and nothing else but links. They also sometimes think people are dumb and won’t recognize they repeat links..or semi-repeat links (like show a link to a blog post, then the digg link to the post, then the sphinnx link to a post or something like that). But that’s why I unfollow those spammers ;).

    I like to follow (even just temporarily) anyone who says has a twitter, because you do find out some very interesting tips and ideas through it.

    Caren’s last blog post..Probability Part One

  2. Haney says:

    I’ll probably try it out when I’m free :D

    Haney’s last blog post..How To Fight Bulging Tummy

  3. I’ve been wondering what Twitter is all about :{ I may try it one day….one day

    Michael Aulia’s last blog post..Escape From Prison Joke

  4. Amanda Pratt says:

    No one could have predicted that blogging for profit could be so easy… Step by step blueprint shows you how.

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  6. Jason says:

    Joined, we’ll see how it goes.

    Looks like Amanda above takes after her last name…

    Jason’s last blog post..Blog Premiere Launches! (Win Stuff)

  7. I have yet to understand Twitter. I joined a few days ago. The only thing I know to do is update what I’m doing.

    I don’t see where you can chat or add friends or other bloggers (like yourself). Any suggestions on learning how to learn all this?


    Eric P. Martin’s last blog post..Review of Entrecard

  8. Rhys says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I’ve been on twitter for about 8 or 9 months, but only really active recently. It’s amazing how much access you get with people from it!

    Rhys’s last blog post..Twitter Me This

  9. SEO Canada says:

    I find it all just too much work, I signed up just to get an extra backlink, and to link up all my profiles :D

  10. Jay says:

    Caren – Lol… I see you messaging sometimes about the spam and link dropping lol!

    Hani – I’m telling you, it’s definitely interesting. Like I said, it’s like a big chatroom.

    Michael – When and if you do, please add me on there.

    Amanda – WTF?

    Jason – Damn her lol… I think that’s spam! lol

    Eric – When you “follow” someone, that’s kinda like adding them to your friends list. You just update what you’re doing and your friends do the same. you can reply directly to people and that’s how you hold the conversations. Let me know if you need help.

    Rhys – Exactly man. But damn, 8-9 months? I definitely feel like a noob! lol

    SEO – Hey, it’s just like chatting in a forum or something. But you know what others are doing right on the spot.


  11. Sterkworks says:

    I love Twitter and it has actually helped me in my day to day work duties, as we can’t have IM outside of the office. I can connect to colleagues via the direct message function of Twitter.

    Sterkworks’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. Kimball, and Dad

  12. jimsvarkey says:

    I know the commenting in blogger is still a tardy buisness. But blogger has an edge (or I would say two edges)over wordpress. One is that Blogger is free. That means you can use your hosting money for purchasing ads. The second is that blogger is a more stable platform. It works without a hitch, you open your blog in the morning and see all the widgets and everything working as it should be.

    Now that you are into wordpress, get ready to face spam comments, even with askimet, you get truck loads of spam.

    jimsvarkey’s last blog post..Two Changes to this Blog

  13. Jay says:

    Sterkworks – Me and you both lol… but then I can’t seem to get my work done lol

    Jimsvarkey – That may be true with the free hosting but then again, if you’re making money, should $6-$7 a month really hurt you? Can you really buy advertising for that price and get good results? Also, I know WP isn’t perfect but Blogger is really restricted, do you not agree?


  14. Twitter is fun, so no surprise it’s working. So is squidoo. I normally join where things kick ass, cause that is gonna be what others like as well.

    Dang, life is so simple ….

    Mike Searchfeature’s last blog post..First Look at SearchMe Beta

  15. Erica says:

    Twitter is fun! I’m still getting used to the intricacies (like replying directly to a person’s tweet), but I’ve already had some interaction with some of the bigger bloggers. The best part is that they like to foster discussions.

    Erica’s last blog post..Dress Envy

  16. I like using Twitter to learn about all the great links/resources I wouldn’t hear of otherwise. Plus, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only coffee-addicted person around. :)


    Barbara Ling (aka Owlbert)’s last blog post..101 Must See Twitter Resources – Apps, Tools, How-To, Plugins, Extensions and more

  17. Jay says:

    Mike – Hey, so did you add me? If so, what’s your name on there?

    Erica – Yeah, and it’s great when they have a million friends and they reply directly to you!

    Barbara – LOL! It’s funny about the coffee-addiction because I always have the same morning conversations with people that ONLY had one cup of coffee lol!


  18. Etienne Teo says:

    It sounds like the most popular social community people are talking about and using nowadays.

  19. Alex says:

    Ok I just signed up with twitter :) I hope I won’t make twitter a daily routine.

    Alex’s last blog post..Get your free domain

  20. SM says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have join recently and it seem like there are too many drop card here and there. I will sign up with Twitter to get more traffics.

    SM’s last blog post..Who Want To Made Money Online?

  21. busch says:

    twitter is great. been on it for a couple months and ive gotten over 2000 unique hits.

  22. Tamera says:

    Eegads. I don’t need any more blogging addictions! lol.

    Tamera’s last blog post..Personal Development and Relationships. What the heck?

  23. Ned Carey says:

    Thanks another great tip. I’ve added you to my technorati favorites.

    What is Bounce rate? How is it diffferent than average time?

    Ned Carey’s last blog post..My Day in Court

  24. Geoserv says:

    Great post. I just signed up to Twitter, will try and figure it out.

    Geoserv’s last blog post..Google Pagerank Update

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